Saturday, August 11, 2018

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TIMECRIMES begitu simpel tanpa mengelaborasi panjang teori dengan langsung jump to the action meski predictable jangan terkecoh, film ini akan bermain absurd dengan fun trip menegangkan dan menggelitik.

Jika PRIMER terlalu pintar untukmu mungkin tak sanggup bertahan pada perbincangan jenius, TIMECRIMES mengemas kisah time-travel dalam sajian ringan, dan sesederhana mungkin. Begitupun, tidak menutup kemungkinan betapa briliannya Nacho Vigalondo, sang sutradara yang mampu mengemas film menjadi bak pengalaman konsekuensi yang fun.

TIMECRIMES sendiri bisa dibilang film indie spanyol. Hector disini jadi karakter utama. Pulang kerja bawa barang pesanan istri di rumah, hidup sabar meski tekanan kecil kerap mencoba meruntuhkannya, mulai dari istrinya yang tidak mendengarnya, dan tidurnya yang tidak tenang. Hector kerap mengintip lewat teropongnya melihat sesuatu yang manatahu dapat yang segar-segar, which he got one, but weird. Dari sini, cerita semakin menarik rasa penasaran yang membawa kita ke sebuah asal mula.

Seorang perempuan berdiri dengan kepala menunduk, hadir di hutan dengan perlahan membuka bajunya. Ketika istri mengganggu tontonan di depan teropongnya, perempuan tersebut hilang. Hector mencari ke dalam hutan dan terlihat perempuan itu sudah terbaring & suddenly Hector ditusuk oleh seseorang dengan wajah diperban. Pastinya Hector lari, menuju sebuah bangunan terdekat, bertemu dengan, katakan saja, ilmuwan dan menyuruhnya untuk sembunyi di sebuah bak dan ditutup. Ketika keluar, Hector tanpa sengaja telah terlibat dalam paradoks time-travel yang membuatnya kembali ke beberapa jam yang lalu.

Sampai disitu. It isn't a spoiler, at all, okay! Masih aman kok. TIMECRIMES berjalan dengan on-point dan realistis tanpa harus menjelaskan ini itu, cara kerja time-travelnya karena TIMECRIMES yakin, audiens sudah lebih tahu. TIMECRIMES tidak mentok dengan permainan misteri tanpa bikin pecah kepala namun memuaskan pada level sama. Di pertengahan awal, cerita terasa menegangkan, juga misterius dan tone yang rada mirip horror slasher, apalagi ketika berjalan mengikuti arah lampu sudah dibikin deg-degan abis, namun setelah pertengahan plot terasa off atau melemah meski terselamatkan, suspens tetap berjalan sampai berakhir dengan dark humor yang bikin geleng-geleng kepala. Disini karakter Hector seperti memainkan pion. Langkah yang dia ambil meskipun sangat predictable, sampai pertengahan cerita banting setir. Film ini membawa semua hal yang simplistik, sedikit surreal menjadi super fun yang ringan. 

Nacho Vigalondo adalah sutradara berpotensial, filmographynya cukup unik namun namanya overlooked meski Colossal cukup menaikkan namanya. TIMECRIMES jelas, sebuah time-travel story, bermain simplistik tanpa ribet ini itu dan jump to the action yang sungguh memuaskan. Enjoy the trip.

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TIMECRIMES is undemanding, simplistic time-travel story that could balance everything in a bizzare way that you never stop thrills to what it has and a fun trip to join to.

If PRIMER is too clever for you, maybe you can’t handle on what they’re saying though I think it’s an incredible film, there’s TIMECRIMES, little bit adopted on what PRIMER has, also from THE TWILIGHT ZONE. This film is undemanding, simple and that’s how it is. With brilliantly storyteller, Nacho Vigalondo creates this ingineous world into consequences of experience in a fun way.

TIMECRIMES can be said an indie Spanish film. Hector is the main character here. Going home by bringing the stuff for his wife and they living in a forest. So to speak, his life is often attacked with tension even how little it is but he handle it with patient; when his wife doesn’t heard him, and even he can’t sleep and feel bothered on something. Also he sometimes peeking through his binocular whether he could find something pleasure to look at, he got one, and weird. Then the story become more mysterious.

There’s a woman stood with her head down, exist in the forest slowly opening her shirt. When Hector’s wife interrupted the spectacle show in front of his binoculars, that woman disappeared. Hector looked forward into the forest and saw that the woman was lying & suddenly Hector was stabbed by someone with a bandaged face. Certainly Hector ran, headed to a nearby building, met with, let’s say, scientist and told him to hide in a tub and shut down. When he’s out, Hector accidentally was involved in the time-travel paradox that made him back to a few hours ago.

Stop right there. It is not a spoiler, at all, okay! Still safe. TIMECRIMES gives the on-point and is realistic plot without having to explain this or that, how the time-travel works because TIMECRIMES completely confident, that the audience knows much better. TIMECRIMES isn’t stuck by playing the mystery without blowing your mind but results as satisfying at the same level. On the first half, the story feels tense, mysterious and feels like a horror slasher, especially on one scene, when Hector runs to the light paths it completely make me nerve-wracking, but going to the half minutes it feels off or kinda weak although it helped on the next act, suspense still flows through every minutes ‘til it ends with dark humor that blown me away. The Hector's character is like playing a pawn. Every steps he took were very predictable, if you think so, it’s wrong, just prepare. This film really brings all the simplistic things, a little drop of surreal into super fun that is ingenious, and precisely enough.

Nacho Vigalondo is a potential director, his filmography quite good though it seems overlooked, Colossal had brought his name up more. TIMECRIMES clearly, a consequences of time-travel, an experience through it, playing simplistic that jump to the action that resulting best for its idea that he brought. See it and enjoy the trip!

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Dumbo shines in a new trailer that gives me chills. This teasing many Disney fan and may wondering many expectation to this live-action. And gladly this directed by Tim Burton (The Nightmare Before Christmas) and practically has a sense of dark in every his films though it is a fantasy. Which Dumbo has that and it's basically connected to what we know about Tim Burton. Me personally, hoping much that this is gonna be wonderful.

Let's take a look at this snippet.

And here's the new poster and it's release month.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

review dalam bahasa soon, atau bisa langsung ke IG revimov_

Columbus is an aesthetically cinematic experience. A story with a masterful approach in a subtle, calm like its making us for a moment to be meditating. Profoundly not in a complete way because its audience have to complete its piece by exploring, and looking further like solving the riddle that words can’t express it, but emotion can.

This is his directorial debut, Kogonada creates a wonderful, alive and true art. It resonates its story through a divine cinematography, seeing every modern architecture in Columbus that is not just stand as it just as a functional. But how this thing has a soul for one who can see and knowing it.

This film brings about family sacrifices toward dream, love, even when you are in the moment, where we not understand why or we refuse to acknowledge it. It’s a story that feels personal but universally related. It’s a critique of critique that testing its audience to see, understand, and appreciate it.

Some of my interpretation comes from its profound narrative and no doubt, the characters has become a tour guide of life in this film. That interpretation is not enough to represent everything that appear in film. Seeing the character moving one place to another, looking their life, looking the character sharing story one to another and done. It’s not that, but it invites you to explore, to make you actively sense and realize that life is not a tutorial and it’s already start from its early existence.

John Cho has a consistency performance. It’s great to see him in this film. Also when it interact to another character by Haley Lu Richardson that brings the character alive as a guider. Every exposure of their emotion is detail. Seeing them traveling from one place to another, interact and trying to understand one another even tho they really don’t understand or handle well of their each problem.

From beginning to the end, with the total shot, it assure you that you are an observer to the film. With the color grading that feels natural and the shot like a painting. The approach is precise and it clearly that the aspect of the film is inspired from Tokyo Story. With subtle tone creates a contemplating experience as we traveled along to the object of the story that beautifully immerse. 

The film makes me more believe in cinema, where it really can transcend a vision that amazing to feel it. Kogonada gave me something that I will never forget. Through this friendship melancholy, I found no flaw and if it was there, there’s always reason behind it.

To be true, since I watch this for the first time (now already three times, probably gonna more) it make me speechless. Sometimes there’s a moment where you can’t use words, or probably just make it a key.

It’s not for everyone, of course. It’s sounds boring, artsy, there’s nothing interesting. It’s up to you, this is just my love letter to the film. It’s simple, just about a human story in a true art. I really thankful to Kogonoda to create this such a beautiful cinematic experience, it’s calming, and your film will stuck in my mind always and ever be.


Sunday, April 15, 2018

untuk review dalam bahasa indonesia >>> KLIK DISINI!

Lately I've been looking for films that may be missed from radar, and I found this, and blew my mind. Sylvio has the simplicity of telling the story of self-discovery in a unique way, fresh, and pretty absurd. It’s underrated that this film deliver its story with quirky, comical and so indie but no doubt, affectionate.

With Kickstarter, about Sylvio, a gorilla who stuck in working life as a debt collector and always wants to express himself through puppet shows that highlight the moment of silence, though he being mute all the time. Then, accidently famous on TV, and having an event 'What's the Ape gonna break?' something bothered his feeling, on his now achievements that affect his life.

From here, Sylvio lead into his quiet and cold life. But slowly, it transitions into a funny warm moment by using comical quirky humor and little absurd. It’s interesting to know that this story leads to something completely unknown and just flowing like a water. The formula is already commonplace, but in this film, the formula is not wasted with the concept and a goal that this movie wants to achieve. Reaching for the self-questioning moment, "Is it really you?" which each of us has ever felt in that situation.

It’s inventive, and not just echoing about self-discovery, but about dreams, self-expression, and a little touch about humanism and entertainment. As if, it proves that this film has a depth on the material. Moreover, surreal moments are also used. No doubt too, the character Sylvio has a very precise depth.

Forget the minor problem that exist, this story honestly wrapped in unique, fresh. It delivers the story slowly from emptiness, then the absurdity that become enjoyable and fun. But that sense will be broken when it goes to the final round, the third-act where all transitioned to emotional and touching. Utilizing the last moment in closing the story with a slick and full of spirit in life.

Different experience and underrated. Well, some point seems like a simplistic decision, but I thought it’s kind of a reasonable. It's worth watching and definitely going into my list of underrated movies of 2017 soon. Please do not expect nothing on this, because the movie itself does not expect anything from you except you have a pure intention to explore this story not just enjoying what it has. So, "Are you in?" 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

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Akhir-akhir ini aku banyak nyari film-film yang mungkin saja terlewatkan oleh radar, and I found this, and blew my mind. Sylvio punya kesederhanaan dalam menceritakan pencarian jati diri dalam kemasan unik, fresh, dan absurd. Saking underrated dan terlewat dari radar, film ini memainkan unsur kikuk dan rada komikalnya dengan smooth dan so indie.

Bermodalkan dari hasil galangan dana Kickstarter, cerita yang ditawarkan cukup sederhana namun begitu terasa saat selesai menontonnya. Sylvio, seorang gorilla yang dulunya kerja di bagian penagihan hutang, menemukan dirinya terkenal saat tak sengaja masuk ke acara televisi dan mengira, dia bintang tamu yang diundang buat juggling. Padahal niatnya mau nagih hutang orang itu. Terkenal saat dirinya dengan konyol memecahkan properti yang mesti dia juggling. Hingga akhirnya, acara What’s The Ape, Gonna Break menggaungkan namanya, tapi sesuatu yang mengganjal yang Sylvio rasakan.

Bukan tipikal cerita self-discovery biasa dan diselipkannya sequence surreal, film ini punya approach yang menarik. It’s not just about self-discovery bila approach yang digunakan demikian, banyak hal yang lain dikupas, mengungkit soal humanis dan tayangan hiburan.

What I really admire sebenarnya ialah, bagaimana kisah yang udah dikemas dengan unik, fresh, dibangun dengan awkward hingga enjoyable dan absurd yang ga ketinggalan, hal itu berubah 180 derajat menjadi babak yang di luar ekspetasi dan sungguh emosional. Babak itulah yang buat aku berdecak kagum, merinding, dan begitu menyentuh.

Benar-benar punya experience yang berbeda dan underrated. Well, terlebih film ini absurd, walau ga terlalu banget (bagi yang udah biasa), tapi trust me, setiap menit akan terbiasa dan semakin get along dengan Sylvio. It’s worth watch and definitely going into my list of underrated films of 2017 soon. Please don’t expect nothing on this, karena filmnya sendiri tak mengharapkan ekspetasi apa-apa dari penontonnya kecuali bagi yang benar-benar melibatkan jiwanya untuk benar-benar menyelami kisah satu ini. So, “Are you in?”

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

"sederhana namun begitu berasa dan bagaimana mengemas cerita dengan rasionalitas tapi tetap menarik dan beda"

Love For Sale adalah ‘her’ dengan kearifan lokal dengan kisah nyesek namun lepas. Dengan premis yang menarik dan sesuai dengan adanya, realitanya, dimana cinta bagai permainan dan berpengaruh. Dan film yang disutradarai Andi Bachtiar ini betul-betul memberikan sajian bittersweet yang tepat dalam mengisi list one of the best indonesian romance dalam sinema mainstream lokal.

Gading Marten dipercayakan untuk memerankan tokoh Richard, jomblo ngenes tapi pengusaha namun hidup sengsara dengan ritual galer. Namun kesengsaraan itu ditimpakan pada karyawannya yang suka telat dan Richard betul-betul menghargai waktu. Malam, pas nobar bola, kawannya ngajak Richard untuk hadir di nikahannya tapi harus bawa pasangan. Kawan lainnya membuat taruhan buatnya. Namun Richard menganggapnya taruhan harga diri, ya lo mungkin kalo diposisinya juga menganggap hal sama-lah, lek. Muncul-lah brosur yang memikatnya dan bertemu perempuan bernama Arini dan jatuh hati padanya.

Kisah cinta yang ditawarkan dari Love for Sale begitu real dengan humor satirnya yang menambah kesan realism. Mulai dari dialog antar karakter yang berhasil membangun pondasi cerita yang kian menarik, bagaimana mengulik karakterisasi para tokoh dan membuat setiap tokoh di dalamnya punya interaksi menarik dan kuat, itu berhasil ditunjukkan. Santai, dan tidak terlalu di bentuk banget, seperti membiarkan benih-benih yang udah dikasih ke karakter dan berkembang dengan sendirinya lewat dialog yang membaur ke ceritanya. Semua kata-kata yang dilontarkan tokoh berhasil membuat pengembangan karakter dan cerita menjadi baik. Lewat dialog, mengulik kisah Richard dengan kawannya, karyawannya, bahkan Arini. Mengikuti kisahnya yang tenggelam dalam cinta namun hati-hati dan siapkan hati saja buat selanjutnya. Like I said, bittersweet romance.

Sungguh menarik bahwa naskahnya begitu rapi dan arahannya yang santai namun begitu afeksi. Hal ini dikarenakan semua begitu pure terpancar apa yang ingin di sampaikannya. Mulai dari realita, kemanisan romansa,  interaksi yang menarik, bahkan sajian pahit namun lepas. Kenapa lepas? Karena ending yang nantinya bakal antiklimaks dan di tutup dengan konklusi perasaan batin Richard bahwa cinta itu resiko--resiko yang dimaksud bukan artian negatif--, dan disini cinta itu sebuah pengalaman rasa dan bagaimana menghandle-nya, saat maupun after. Realita disini ditunjukkan lewat bagaimana pressure dari sosialnya yang rasanya menganggap cinta bagaikan benda, bukan perasaan mencinta yang alamiah.

Banyak applause buat lu bang Gading Marten, memainkan tokoh Richard dengan amat baik. Apalagi pemeran Arini, Della Dartyan sebagai penyokong performa baik Gading dan menciptakan benih chemistry yang indah. Other cast was also good. Dua karakter yang diperankan Gading dan Della ini bakal menghipnotis dan mengundang senyum tanpa sadar.

Jujur, tonton film ini. Kisah yang begitu sederhana namun begitu afeksi di hati. Pemilihan ending demikian begitu tepat agar materi bisa terngiang dan dipikirkan, apalagi eksekusi kemanisan romansa yang dibuat seperti momen yang nantinya bakal berputar di memori. Sajian yang baik dan mesti kalian tonton segera. Ajak pacar kalo perlu, dan hati-hati yang jomblo. Well, me? I am okay. Yea. *sobbing Kadarshian-ly*

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

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synopsis: Orbiting a planet on the brink of war, scientists test a device to solve an energy crisis, and end up face-to-face with a dark alternate reality.

Fall into a disappointment with its bigger responsible as a connector but somehow it’s worth to see by its matter.

Marketing tak bisa disalahkan, sebenarnya great job buat mereka apalagi untuk tipe film begini. Tak bisa disalahkan juga diriku yang tak bisa enjoy film ini dengan kekacauannya bahkan masih enakan yang sebelumnya yang lebih mencekam, menegangkan dan memuaskan. Banyak orang yang berantisipasi dan terkejut saat filmnya keluar setelah superbowl. Ya, gua punya niat besar untuk nonton langsung film ini dan tetap mengambil pencegahan dengan menurunkan ekspetasi. Dan hal itu terjadi. WHAT. THE. FUCK!

Jujur, film ini tak hanya datang mengejutkan tapi juga selesai dalam keadaan yang sama dengan tambahan gelengan kepala saat aku menyaksikan film ini. Jujur, film ini tak bisa disalahkan akan kekurangannya tetapi disisi lain, film ini tetap harus ditonton. Why? Gua elaborate dulu penilaianku soal film ini.

First thing first, film ini mengambil set di luar angkasa dimana mereka menghidupkan particle accelerator untuk menyelamatkan krisis energi yang sedang terjadi di bumi. Tak tahu juga tahun berapa-an, tapi yang jelas situasi di bumi sering gelap-gelapan, hadeh. Orang-orang yang ada di luar angkasa ini, bukannya berhasil meruntuhkan krisis energi malah berhadapan pada masalah yang di luar akal manusia, di mulai ketika mereka menyadari bahwa bumi tiba-tiba saja hilang.

Jujur, film ini memiliki beban besar terhadap konektivitas film lainnya, mulai dari Cloverfield (2008), 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016), dan juga yang akan datang Overlord (2018) di bioskop nanti. Hanya saja, membawa materi untuk menjawab beberapa pertanyaan di film-film sebelumnya, hanya sekedar begitu-begitu saja, biasa. I can say film ini seperti film kausalitas dari kondisi yang telah terjadi. Hanya saja, banyak kegagalan di dalamnya yang membuat film ini jatuh ambruk dalam kekecewaan.

Kegagalan film ini ialah konstruksi atau membangun tensi ketegangan. Di first-act ketika bermunculan hal-hal aneh yang bikin kening mengernyit cukup menarik tetapi bagaimana eksekusi di second-act bahkan third-act nya kian melemah. Film ini tidak begitu mencekam seperti pendahulunya, atau setidaknya memberikan experience yang menarik lewat misteri udah cukup, tak perlu memberikan sensai menegangkan bila akhirnya begini. Tak hanya itu, dialognya bahkan tidak berhasil menyelamatkan film ini dari kegagalan tersebut. Ketika dialognya demikian, beruntunlah pada pengembangan karakter yang juga melemah, bahkan ketika keinginan director untuk menyisipkan drama di third-act, terlambat sudah akibat beberapa aspek yang kian rendah. Dan tinggallah hanya memberikan jawaban-jawaban tanpa ada kemasan menarik di dalamnya, seakan film ini pelengkap dalam kemasan buruk.

Kalau yang tadi kegagalan aspek-aspek di dalamnya, yang ini malah sia-sia, dan beberapa plot-hole. Kemudian di bagian score yang rasanya tidak sesuai bahkan tidak bisa membantu memberikan rasa ketegangan yang ended-up nanggung. Kemudian di bagian cast yang terasa wasted disini, seperti Gugu Mbatha-Raw yang memerankan tokoh Hamilton di film itu. Akting dan performanya sudah bagus, dan lainnya sebenarnya juga lumayan untuk film ini, hanya saja terhambat karena dialognya.

Buang hal buruk tadi, sekarang bagian kesukaanku di film ini. Hal yang paling kusuka hanyalah bagian awal dan akhir. Bagian akhir seperti menebar minyak pemuas dan menutup dengan pertanyaan yang memutar otak dalam menyusun kejadian demi kejadian di Cloverfield Universe.

Film ini masih interesting di sisi lain, dan worth to see, atau ngelihat spoiler dari orang mengenai ceritanya kalau mau menghemat 1 jam 42 menit. Semua keputusan terserah kalian, bukan maksudku untuk membuat kalian agar tidak menonton film ini, ini semua hanya pendapat dan pemikiranku mengenai film ini. Film itu subjektif, ada yang suka, ada yang tidak, semua tergantung selera dan pandangan anda. Yang jelas, to me, film ini kacau.

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Fall into a disappointment with its bigger responsible as a connector but somehow it’s worth to see by its matter.

I can’t blame the marketing, they did a great job for a type of film like this. I can’t blame myself for not enjoying much on this one and prefer the previous one which more, more thrilling and satisfying. So much people anticipated this and surprised when it comes right after the superbowl. Yes, I have a bigger intention and take a precaution by decreasing my expectation. Then, it happens. WHAT. THE. FUCK!

Honestly, this film is not just surprising as it comes to the world but also done in a surprising way with my head shaking a little. This film somehow it is worth to see but if you just wanna take a spoiler from your friend, then that’s yours, haha.

First thing first, this film taking a set from outer space where they have a mission to save the energy crisis by turning on the particle accelerator. I don’t know which year they were but to be clear that earth is in dark. People in a spaceship is not succeed but facing another problem, begin with realizing that the earth is gone. Just gone.

To be honest, this film has bigger load for the connectivity of other film in one film universe, starts from Cloverfield (2008), 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016), and also soon Overlord (2018) in your near cinemas. It’s just, carrying this story to answer few questions from previous films, and just that, it’s not like making its experience become better or at least good. It’s a big disappointment for this one.

So many failure in a messy way. First one, is building the tension, building the thrill, gripping or at least create a fascinating way by taking its mystery in a great packaging. Turns out no, so much potential in this film that just wasted. Then, the dialog that cannot save this film from its failure. When the dialog has a failure, then it goes to the character development that also fail. Even when the film wants to create a drama moment in the third-act before it ended with seconds of satisfying moment, it feels empty even the cast is already putting much effort. Everything left with just answering and knowing the fact and it’s over. It’s a bad wrapped.

Failure in a few aspects, then it’s about the plot, score and cast. Yes, plot-hole is everywhere but not entire, yes, I know if you put attention into the news and other things, but I think some of it still a plot-hole that doesn’t make any sense. Then, the score that it’s weak. You know, score can also build the tension for a bit, take an example like, Life (2016). Next, is the cast. I think this department is pretty wasted. Gugu Mbatha-Raw has a good performance and put a good effort in it, it’s just the story and the constructions of it cannot embrace it.

Let alone that negative points, then going into moments that I really liked. What I really liked is just the beginning and ending. The ending is predictable but it’s still sparkling and satisfying, seeing that thing, roaring and closed by questions that giving duty to your brain, thinking and arranging events in Cloverfield Universe.

Somehow this film is kind of pretty interesting, but I won’t see this again, anymore and have a big regret. If you don’t want to waste your 1 hour 42 minutes just for this crap, it’s all yours. It’s not my decision to hold you up and not watching this one, I am really not, I just put my thoughts about this film and I think this film is not satisfying me. It’s all yours, it’s up to you, your taste and your point of view. Obviously for me, this film is a total messy.

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